Random Slate

Random Slate Re-Roof Mill Hill Area of Blackburn                     Full discrription Below

Slate Stacked Battens ready for install
Scaffold heavy duty at roof height
Breathable roof membrane and battens in place
Membrane and battens in Place
Final fix of Membrane
Final fixing of Battens
Ready to recive slate
The Reslate with Random Slate can Begin
All ready

Ridge Smart had worked on this property earlier in the year,n storms hit the Blackurn area damaging the rear extension. The Home owner called RidgeSmart Back to look when the property's Main roof.

The house has its original random slate roof which over the years has had a number of repairs and temporary fixes undertaken. Each time the issue was solved but given the number of problems the home owners had they called in RidgeSmart to price for a complete re-roof.

After assesing the requirements Ridgesmart submitted our price this was agreed and the works got underway in March 2017 the original radom slate was removed and the old detriorated roofing felt removed. As many of the slate as expected wer re-usable these were stacked on the hevey duty scaffold installed by Mitchell's Scaffolding Ltd. these were then sorted into sizes and arranged around the perimiter ready fo re-instatement. Additional random slate from RidgeSmarts stock was selected and brought in to ensure the roofing profile remained in keeping with the surrounding properties.

With the new breathable roof membrane installed and the  new roof battens the  reslating work was ready to begin.


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