Lead works

Lead work

stepped lead
stepped Flashing to chimney

Lead and alternative jointing materials are generally used where a water tight joint is required where for example; Chimneys Portches Dorma’s skylights, Velux windows and extensions meet the roof line. They all play a vital part in maintaining the property’s water tight exterior 

When chimney flashing fails, rain water can run down where the chimney rises through the roof dispersing through the roof into the interior house.

Where a Dorma or extension roof has been installed creating a joint on a pitched roof the valleys or Joints between the roof and the Dorma can over time fail, causing rain water to seep through into the house. Giving rise to wet patches that will keep on returning with wet weather and allows the growth of mould and musty smells.

We have seen a number of issues on properties where joints for one reason or another have failed, a cement mix with bonding agent added may have cracked, loosing chunks of mortar causing water to find its way in, the incorrect use of roofing felt, where the lead or jointing material has been punctured or in appropriately installed all have all played major roles in the repairs Ridgesmart have undertaken.

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