Roof Repairs Darwen

Tennanted property Darwen Lancashire

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RidgeSmart were approached following damp and water ingress issues

The Site visit was arranged to be held with both tenant and landlord at a mutually convenient time for both parties.

on arrival, a full investigation into the cause of water damage to all areas internal and external as noted by tenant

Problem areas

  1. Damp to one of the internal wall of the kitchen extension below unusual coping causing mould and excessive moisture
  2. Dripping water during bad weather, excessive damp and mould to upper room at rear of property
  3.  In addition, it was noted that faint evidence of damp on the internal chimney breast in bedroom and living area was present.


  1. An unusual set of copings to the extension had; at some point, quite some time ago been installed. The copings had been concreted into place, this had now failed requiring urgent attention. Given the amount of water running through the joints between the slate, the copings showing fractures was also a factor. The works to this area required urgent attention

Recommendation 1

 To minimise disruption to the tiled roof that was in sound condition and coated with a water proofing layer. The damaged area required a permanent layer of lead to encase the copings and fan over the joint between the copings and roof slate lead to be fully dressed to create a water tight seal at wall and slate joints.

Before and After


  1.  Rear roof of property showed large amount of broken and slipped slate extensive damage to several roof batons and inappropriate roofing felt installed.  

Recommendation 2

The dire condition of pitched rear roof area, requires a full re-roof. To minimise the cost implications, it would be possible to undertake these works by the re-instatement of a large proportion of existing roof slates and batons but it would require fully replacing the inappropriate roofing felt with breathable roofing felt membrane.


  1. The chimney breast at ground and bedroom areas though dry at this point in time would see the growth mould and damp return during wet months throughout the summer season where the heaters directly installed in the fire places were not being used.

Recommendation 3

It is advisable to reinstate and repair appropriately the lead flashing (at this point still in place but patched with concrete) to the base of the roofline chimney at the time of other roofing works. this would ensure that any existing issues caused would be eradicated and allow the heating that is in use to fully dry the areas of low but present dampness.

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